Bucharest Art Weekend + ART ON DISPLAY Recap

Bucharest Art Weekend (October 18th-19th, 2014) gathered 22 art galleries for a diverse program which included performance, audio-video installations, the launch of a new space, exhibition openings and innovative projects. Moreover, ART ON DISPLAY (October 16th-26th, 2014) extended in the urban space the events that were part of Bucharest Art Weekend, turning downtown Bucharest into a temporary art gallery by displaying installations in commercial spaces.

We visited some of the galleries, talked to the artists about their work, and also interviewed the organizers about the projects and future plans (read interview). Here are the highlights, many of the shows are still open, so check the details in our previous articles.


Bucharest Art Weekend

Dulce et Decorum

Dulce et Decorum

George Anghelescu – ‘Dulce et Decorum’, H’art Gallery.

View more here. Images © George Anghelescu.

Victor Fota

Victor Fota

Victor Fota – ‘Cosmogony – Reality through reason’, Imbold Gallery.

View more here. Images © Victor Fota.

Lea Rasovszky

Lea Rasovszky  ‘From Stars to Steroids. Two Short Stories About an Almost Metaphoric Bestiary’, Anca Poterașu Gallery.

View more here. Photos by The re:art.

Radu Mocanu

Radu Mocanu – ‘Golden Black’, NAG Pop Up Gallery.

View more here. Photos by The re:art.

Radu Cioca

‘5 chambers’ by Radu Cioca (featured on The re:art), EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS. 

View the two exhibitions hosted by the gallery during Bucharest Art Weekend here. Photos by The re:art.

Roman Tolici

Roman Tolici

Roman Tolici

Roman Tolici, works part of the group show ‘PREVIEW_C.A.R.@ARTVICTORIA.RO’, Victoria Art Center. Photos by The re:art.

 Christian Paraschiv

Christian Paraschiv, works part of the group show ‘PREVIEW_C.A.R.@ARTVICTORIA.RO’, Victoria Art Center. Photo by The re:art.



Art on Display

Radu Mocanu, ‘Golden Black’, 2014 / Invited by Ioana Ciocan. Gen. Gheorghe Magheru Blvd 1 (Liliac Pop Up Store – Magheru One space).

Sorina Vazelina

Sorina Vazelina, ‘Ocolul infinitului mic pornind de la nimic’, 2014 / Invited by Suzana Dan. Calea Victoriei 114 (Musette Store space)

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Find out more about the projects on NAG’s website and Facebook / Contact: noaptealba@gmail.com. Read interview with the organizers.