The works and characters of BLO

French artist BLO, member of Da Mental Vaporz crew (interviewed recently), captures in his works fragments of life, moments of tension and confrontation, different struggles and states of mind.

His recent drawings, indoor and outdoor pieces are figurative and inspired by classical context, religious imagery and occult symbolism, exploring universal themes such as death or the concept of memento mori in a very personal manner, according to his rich and distinct vision rooted in graffiti culture, but also influenced by artists like Egon Scheile or Hans Bellmer.

He often outlines or distorts his characters through loose lines, geometrical and abstract patterns. Mostly monochromatic, with meaningful details or a more direct point of view regarding certain issues the artist focuses on, the works of BLO question aspects of society, of human actions and relations, appearance and perception.

BLO Marble Giant

‘Marble Giant’ / Berlin, Conturbanaries 2014


‘Etreinte’, KR ink on linen, 100x70cm


DUELS series

‘DUEL’ I, III / KR ink on linen, 100x100cm

Organic Character

Organic Character

‘Organic Character’ I, III / Ink on paper, 18x24cm

The Fabric

‘The Fabric’, KR ink on 300g watercolour paper, 50x70cm


‘Heart’, KR ink on 300g watercolour paper, 50x70cm

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All images © BLO

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