Amy Guidry: “In Our Veins”

The paintings of Louisiana-based artist Amy Guidry offer a powerful visual experience, revealing a mature and complex vision of what exists beyond physical reality, into the mind.

Her interest in Art and Psychology is reflected in her surrealist work, focused on themes such as the human psyche and the way we interact with the environment we live in, with other humans, animals and nature.

In the series entitled “In Our Veins”, the artist highlights the connections between all life forms and the cycle of life: “Through a psychological, and sometimes visceral, approach, this series investigates our relationships to each other and to the natural world, as well as our role in the life cycle. Concepts such as life and death, survival and exploitation, and the interdependence and destruction of living and nonliving organisms are illustrated throughout. Using imagery derived from dreams and free association, ‘In Our Veins’ demonstrates these ideas in a surreal, psychologically-charged narrative”.

There is also an emotional connection that rises between the viewer and the depicted characters, extended to the tension, the fear, the bond, that are present in this strangely familiar universe, that we might once have seen in a dream, and most probably felt when awake.

The Pack

‘The Pack’ / Acrylic on canvas, 20″w x 10″h

Amy Guidry - Dichotomy

‘Dichotomy’ / Acrylic on canvas, 20″w x 16″h


‘Crutch’ / Acryic on canvas, 12″w x 6″h


Conscience‘ / Acrylic on canvas, 8″w x 6″h


‘Bond’ / Acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 12″

Images © Amy Guidry

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