Preview: Amandine Urruty – Little Secrets @ Plastic Murs

Plastic Murs presents ‘Little Secrets’, an exhibition by Amandine Urruty, opening December 11th, 8 pm and running through January 21st, 2016 (Tue-Sat, 12- 2 pm / 5- 9 pm, Calle Denia 45, Valencia).

The graphite drawings reveal a fantastic world of impossible architecture inhabited by hybrid creatures with human, animal and toy like features, wearing bizarre masks and costumes reinforcing the idea of witnessing a mirage as uninvited guests of a mysterious game or ritual. Some works show giant and tiny characters engaged in apparently playful activities, yet at a closer look we discover a rather absurd and dark view of their interaction and unexpected encounter. In other cases, the artist focuses on portraits as if her intention is to turn these creatures into permanent memories.

“As an exercise in automatic writing, all this imagery would swirl in variegated scenes, filled with recognizable icons and invented characters interacting with each other as Lautréamont’s sewing machine and umbrella on the dissecting table: uncomfortable and decontextualized but evoking a suggestive dialogue. If so, this unsettling bestiary that emerged spontaneously from the Urruty’s chest, would have been created excluding any mediation of reason in the creative process and giving rise to all possible interpretations that, coinciding or not with those of the artist, would be as valid as diverse for each spectator or for the same spectator at different times and moods.” (Manuel Garrido)

Amandine Urruty - Doll House

AmandineUrruty - DollHouse (detail)


AmandineUrruty - Spitz


AmandineUrruty - Bricks‘Bricks’

AmandineUrruty - Grape


AmandineUrruty - Leaves


AmandineUrruty - Policeman


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Images courtesy of Plastic Murs.

Find out more about Plastic Murs on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More info about the artist on her website, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.