The powerful art of Adam Batchelor

Inspired by current global issues, social injustices and imbalances, Adam Batchelor explores, among other themes, the distant and conflict based relationship existing nowadays between man and nature, highlighting the impact of human actions and man-made systems on the environment and wildlife.

In the artist’s vision, far away from nature, almost fully dependent on the consumerist lifestyle and the urban artificiality, man has come to deny his roots and gradually distorted his perception regarding animals and their ecological roles, which no longer matter and are viewed only as pets, docile and tamed to please their masters. By expanding his territory, invading the habitat of these creatures, man eliminated the concept of an animal kingdom, bringing it to ruins and chains so that he can live in comfort, using resources despite environmental consequences, taking more and more without even considering to give back. Bewildered, left with no homes nor hope, the animals unsuccessfully try to adapt to this new way of life, which threatens their ability to survive.

Turning his art into a powerful statement, Adam Batchelor shares a different perspective on aspects that we tend to disregard and, therefore, fail to understand and take responsibility for what we do and how our behavior affects others and, in the end, ourselves.

Adam Batchelor - The Logger's Nightmare

‘The Logger’s Nightmare’, 2015, coloured pencil on paper, 73 x 56 cm

A. Batchelor - What does your flower sloth soul look like?

‘What does your flower sloth soul look like?’, 2014, coloured pencil on paper, 36.5 x 30 cm

A. Batchelor - Pigeon Bag M

A. Batchelor - Chanel II

‘Pigeon Bag M’ and ‘Chanel II’, 2014 drawings from the Bag Head series that’s been ongoing since 2010

A. Batchelor - Exiles

‘Exiles’, 2014, coloured pencil on paper, 73 x 56 cm

A. Batchelor - Agony

‘Agony’, 2014, coloured pencil on paper, 56 x 73 cm

Adam Batchelor - Homebroken

‘Homebroken’2013, coloured pencil on paper, 36.5 x 30 cm

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