Zoița | Interview

It’s always a pleasure talking to Romanian artist Zoița. Here are a few highlights of her past activity and future plans, in an exclusive interview for The re:art.


Why did you choose to become an artist?

I do not know what it feels not to be an artist, I’ve always been an artist, either using my hands or soul, the result was art. I recompose myself emotionally every day, each change brings me happiness, a hunger for art.


The themes I approach and which attract me are strictly related to people as I constantly try to understand them and understand myself thorough them. There is no other way I can know myself. If art wouldn’t have existed, I would have invented it. I believe that any authentic artist feels that art began with him, at least with his personal art.

Your works range from painting and installation to performance and street art. What medium do you feel most comfortable working with and what do you think helps you the most to express what you think and feel?

I honestly do not know what I love most. Any manifestation, any expression used in my work becomes part of “I love art”.

I maintain myself and strive for freedom, using the full visual spectrum. For me, art is almost like faith: total involvement beyond the rational, filling everything with meaning. In time, I learned to sabotage myself less and let myself free in the process of creation! I let art come to me. And the media and means of expression become subordinate to the concept.

Wings of Paradise

You experiment depending on what you see, feel and believe about the world. Is there any project dear to you from the perspective of the experiences that influenced you during creation?

I have no “dearest” project. All my projects are part of a form that is now incomplete. Of course, for a very short time, the project I’m working on has the greatest emotional impact. My favorite project is always the present one.

“Wings of Paradise” and “Motherland” are thus my favorite projects for now.

We know that your relationship with art is based on sincerity. How would you describe your relationship with current society? In what way does your art represent, oppose or criticize society?

My art does not derive from criticism, but from a calm state of empathy, sometimes resonating with society, sometimes becoming its reflection, a synthesis.  I approached topics that might have visually expressed toughness. I express this when I find it surrounds me, I am a controlled mirroring effect. I am what you are, and if you do not like what you see in me, then you surely won’t like what you see in yourself.

Yellow thoughts

You’ve been invited to international exhibitions, in U.S., Germany, France, Czech Republic, Russia. Tell us what these opportunities meant for you.

For an artist it is vital that he or his art travel. An artist trapped in his own country is therefore trapped in his own mediocrity.

What were your recent projects in Romania and what future projects are you working on?

I proudly took part in the Episode 3 project organized by Work in Progress and The re:art, and am now preparing a personal exhibition on July 24th, together with Tempo Art Gallery, and for November – a project with Alina Bucur at The National Museum of Contemporary Art.

All images © Zoiţa

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[Originally posted on July 22, 2013 on The re:art Facebook page; Revised for the current version].