Volkano: The loss of innocence

The transition from childhood to becoming an adult is perceived by Volkano under the form of ritual. He depicts children characters wearing dead birds as an undesired adornment or as overwhelming burden, covering their mouth or with raw meat blinding them. The closed eyes, the empty gaze and unsettling gestures reveal a deep sadness, shame and sorrow, a sense of guilt and regret, longing for something they acknowledge as irretrievable.

According to Galerie Wolfsen curator Rasmus Ejaas Fischer: “In many ways growing up consists of events which each undermine your childhood innocence. You can hardly call yourself an adult before your childhood innocence has changed into something else.”

Once the ritual begins, and it is universal, without escape, there is no stopping the transformation, and the experience is haunting, with visible traces of not only physical, but spiritual change. In some cases, the process finds its subjects unprepared and forces them to grow, with the recurrent belt motif as element of constraint.

It is strange how evolution is rather intrusive and a path apparently leading to decay. And it is life with all its challenges and society with its expectations and standards that accelerate this inner rupture from what we once were, distancing ourselves from an essence we mostly understand in the early stages.

Volkano - The dead bird ritual No.1

‘The dead bird ritual No.1’, 35 x 24 cm, pencil on paper, 2015

The meat & feather ritual No.2

‘The meat & feather ritual No.2’, 30 x 18 cm, pencil on paper, 2015

The chicken ritual No. 1

‘The chicken ritual No.1’, 30 x 24 cm, pencil on paper, 2015

The dead bird ritual No.8

‘The dead bird ritual No.8’, 30 x 26 cm, pencil and pastel on paper, 2015

The bird ritual No.3

‘The bird ritual No.3’, 150 x 120 cm, oil on canvas, 2015

The lost sense ritual No.1

‘The lost sense ritual No.1’, 120 x 80 cm, oil on canvas, 2015

The bird ritual No.2

‘The bird ritual No.2’, 100 x 70 cm, oil on canvas, 2014

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