Experimental photography by Rocío Montoya

Madrid-based visual artist Rocío Montoya specializes in experimental photography, graphic/ web design and video art, with a passion for editorial design as well.

We first discovered her surreal photographic collages, with flowers delicately distorting and covering the sensual features of her models, adding a mysterious veil which hides startling emotions, but also a powerful sense of femininity.

The self-portraits are no less impressive. The artist experiments with her body and face, often playing with light to capture certain aspects, she even ‘erases’ or unexpectedly highlights parts of herself in the most natural way. Moreover, we are fascinated by the Strangers series, the image of the other, always indefinite, as a faded memory and at the same time an infinity of possible appearances.

Rocío Montoya is photographer and co-director of DOZE Magazine.

Handmade collage

Handmade collage

Handmade collage

Handmade collage

Digital collages

Part of Flowers series / digital collage


Part of Eraser series / self-portrait


Rocío Montoya

Part of Eraser / Reflections series


Part of Night series


Part of Groove series

Part of Strangers series - Wall

Part of Strangers series – Wall

Part of Strangers series - Encoded

Part of Strangers series – Encoded

All images © Rocío Montoya

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