Preview: INTERSECTION | May 29th-30th, 2015

On May 29th and 30th, 2015, together with Work in Progress, we are pleased to present a new contemporary art and urban culture event – INTERSECTION, in partnership with Zeppelin, hosted by Halele Carol, Bucharest (1 Constantin Istrati Street, near Carol Park).

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The event will focus on the concept of intersection, revealing how, within an unconventional space, various art forms can communicate and creatively enrich together the space with different meanings that the viewer is invited to discover and connect the works with the architecture of the building, its context, with sound and motion.

Halele Carol / Photos: Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu


INTERSECTION: Art exhibition/ Live performances/ Workshops 

The event will include a contemporary art exhibition with installations, sculptures and printed works by artists from different fields who will interpret the theme of the event in their own vision. Here is a preview showing past works by the participating artists, final pieces which will be featured in the exhibition to be revealed soon.

Aitch (read our interview with her)/ A work by Aitch will be featured in the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Saddo (read our interviews with him)/ A work by Saddo will be featured in the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Raluca Băraru (read our interview with her)/ A work by Raluca Băraru will be featured in the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Victor Fota (read our features with the artist)/ A work by Victor Fota will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Lea Rasovszky (read interview and features)/ A work by Lea Rasovszky will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Obie Platon (read interview and features)/ An installation by Obie Platon will be presented at INTERSECTION

Amalia Dulhan (read interview and features)/ A work by Amalia Dulhan will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Florin Pantilimon (read interview and features)/ A work by Florin Pantilimon will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Mihaela Paraschivu (featured)/ A work by Mihaela Paraschivu will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Pisica Pătrată (read interview and features)/ A work by Pisica Pătrată will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Ileana Oancea (featured)/ A sculpture by Ileana Oancea will be presented at INTERSECTION

Cătălin Oancea (featured)/ A series of sculptures by Cătălin Oancea will be presented at INTERSECTION

Ion Bârlădeanu – H’art Gallery/ A work by Ion Bârlădeanu will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Sorina Vazelina (featured)/ A work by Sorina Vazelina will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Horațiu Lazăr (featured) / A work by Horațiu Lazăr will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Otilia Cadar (featured) and Liviu Coman/ A work by the two artists will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Mimi Ciora (featured)/ A work by Mimi Ciora will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Mircea Popescu (featured)/ A work by Mircea Popescu will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Oliver Merce (featured)/ A work by Oliver Merce will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Loreta Isac (featured)/ A work by Loreta Isac will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Mihai Chițu/ A series of installations by Mihai Chițu will be presented at INTERSECTION

Ramona Șlug/ An installation by Ramona Șlug will be presented at INTERSECTION

Bast/ A work by Bast will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu/ A work by Dragoș-Radu Dumitrescu will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Alina Bohoru (featured)/ A work by Alina Bohoru will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Lucian Baraitaru (Dincolo de Fațade)/ A work by Lucian Baraitaru will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Kadna (featured)/ An installation by Kadna will be presented at INTERSECTION

Cristina Matei/ A work by Cristina Matei will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Diana Stanciu – Ignissa/ A work by Ignissa will be part of the print exhibition at INTERSECTION

Serebe/ An installation by Serebe will be presented at INTERSECTION


INTERSECTION // 29-30 mai, Halele Carol, Bucureşti.
Expoziţie/ Performance/ Filme/ Workshops/ DJ sets/ Visuals
Detalii/ RSVP:

Un eveniment de Work in Progress şi The re:art, în parteneriat cu Zeppelin
Video: 360view & Haihai
Music: Glass animals – Intruxx
Featuring: JR (Freakquency), Franke, Drum’n’Fire, Mihai Chiţu, Loreta Isac, Ignissa

Posted by Work in Progress on Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The event will also feature live performances: Doors of Perception, a mix of kaleidoscopic colors, psychotropic sounds and geometric hallucinations, a journey where consciousness and the unconscious intersect, in a point with no beginning nor end (textual concept by Alina Tofan, performance by Beatrice Tudor, Alina Tofan and Cristina Tudor, sound design by Marian Cîtu / Rufi); Neobelisc, an experimental theater show after The Black Obelisk by Erich Maria Remarque, directed by Alina Tofan, highlighting the drama of the 1923 German society. Is society suffering from schizophrenia? Cristina Tudor and Alina Tofan may answer the question through their performance (sound design by Achy Dopamine); Virgo, a project inspired by the forgotten world of myths and mysteries defining the archaic Romanian village, with focus on the life of the woman caught in this far from simple life, dictated by the hidden voice of the village, a closed circle of life and death. Performing in the show: Cristina Tudor, Beatrice Tudor, Mariana Gavriciuc, Petra Binder.

There will also be fire performances by Drum’n’Fire.


Librăria Jumătatea Plină will bring a special collection of comics, fanzines and posters and present a screen printing workshop, and there will also be a workshop by STORYSCAPES, the first Romanian association focusing on transmedia storytelling and interactive narratives.

INTERSECTION is the NexT Thing: Avant-garde short films

With a selection of over 100 short films each year, presented in the two competitions and through numerous special programs, NexT is one of the most eclectic festivals on the Romanian cinematographic scene, a panorama of innovative and imaginative cinema in the world.

On Friday and Saturday, May 29th-30th, NexT will present a special selection featuring avant-garde short films screened during the nine editions of the festival, extraordinary audio-visual experiments at the intersection of narrative and formal innovation.

Endemic’s greed/ Natalia Dziedzic, Poland, 2014, 11′

At the seaside, a young girl and two modest creatures, the bee and the crab, are tangling their ways. This is an animated story about primal desires, which are present in the human nature.

Autism/ Alexandru Petru Badeliță, Romania, 2013, 12′

A student who is in his last year of film school is searching for a job.

In which the protagonist hides and then has an unexpected encounter/ Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, Romania, 2015, 19′

One stressful morning, like every other morning, Cristina suddenly stops in the doorway. She is unable to take the step that would lead her out of the house…

Boonrerm/ Sorayos Prapapan, Thailand, 2013, 17′

Boonrerm is a housemaid. Every day she receives weird orders.

Baby Nap/ Paul Mureșan, Romania, 2014, 5′

Baby Nap is a trip into the mind’s hidden playground. We follow an unknown character through his mind while he dreams, transforming the night into a very short baby nap filled with new images that describe him in a very peculiar way.

The death of an insect/ r.Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen, Finland, 2010, 7′

In a lifeless urban landscape where time itself has stopped its crawl, a mad ballet is commencing and a newly hatched butterfly is about to die.

Mistery/ Chema Garcia Ibarra, Spain, 2013, 12′

They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin talk.

Superbia/ Martti Helde, Estonia, 2014, 16′

If you’ve been hit, one day you’ll hit back. If you aren’t loved, you won’t love anyone, either.

The Chair/ Grainger David, USA, 2012, 12′

The Chair is the story of a mysterious outbreak of poisonous mold in a small town and one boy’s attempt to understand his mother’s death, his grandmother’s obsession with their discarded recliner, and the roots of this short-lived, strange, and inexplicable plague.

Mediterraneans/ Olivier Py, France, 2011, 32′

Rescued from oblivion after 25 years, these 8 mm films are food for thought about the destiny of a family and a generation.

The sound of the stars dazes me / Teddy Williams, Argentina, 2012, 20′

A group of boys lives together surrounded by lots of things, they work, walk, talk in very different places, but we are never quite sure where they are.

To face wild animals/ Jéronimo Quevedo, Argentina, 2014, 7′

Miss Chile ‘85 is kidnapped by Tarzan, king of the jungle and exponent of the anti-Pinochet patriotic guerilla “Manuel Rodriguez”.

With a little patience/ Laszlo Nemes, Hungary, 2007, 13′

An office clerk meticulously going through her routine. All the little vibrations of her face. And a man, waiting for her beyond the windows.

Eat/ Moritz Kramer, Germany, 2012, 7′

A photo shoot. The model Helen is unnerved. Back in the changing room she makes a surprising discovery. Everything around her is edible – the chair, the TV, the walls…



The event will host two parties featuring Romanian DJs and an international guest.

Friday, May 29th: Paul Popa (RO), Dragoş Rusu (RO), Ciresharii (RO), Luchian Victor (RO), Lisière Collectif (RO).

Saturday, May 30th (the party will take place on two stages simultaneously): Ada Kaleh (RO), Vlad Caia (RO), Alexandra (RO), Miss I (RO), Resoe (DK), Posh (RO), FILIPP (RO), Vivi. St (RO), Lauvon (RO).

Visuals: 360view.


Free entrance: Friday (all day)/ Saturday (during the film screenings and workshops)

Tickets for Saturday party (special pre-sale price 20 RON) are available on Tickets will also be available in the evening of May 30th, at the event. Price: 25 RON before midnight/ 30 RON after midnight.

Access at the event: +18.


About Halele Carol

An initiative of Zeppelin, “Halele Carol” represents a project of transformation of old industrial areas with historical value of Hesper Factory into a cultural and event center, with the objectives of safeguarding and preservation of its historic buildings, maintaining the connection with the DNA of the space – “manufacturing and creation”, opening to the public and transformation into a new urban center of the capital. Each participant in events hosted by Halele Carol implicitly and directly supports the conversion project.

About Work in Progress 

Work in Progress is a project focused on discovering and revitalizing urban spaces with an uncertain identity or evolution through artistic interventions (street art, installation, performance, etc.). Work in Progress organizes cultural and art related events in these spaces, offering the public the possibility to interact with artists and reconsider the architectural, cultural or historic value of the chosen space.

The event is the second collaboration between Work in Progress and The re:art, following our first event together in June 2013 at Ciclop Garage (learn more), which transformed the parking space into a permanent urban art gallery through the interventions of over 45 artists.

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Full schedule + updates to be announced soon in the Facebook event.

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Organizers: Work in Progress and / Communication & PR:
Main partner: Zeppelin
Sponsors: Grolsch, AQUA Carpatica, Red Bull, Jägermeister, THE PLOT, POSCA
The official car of the event: Toyota
Partners: NexT, Brigada de Voluntari, Grup Aşa,, Music Gear, Misbits
Filming/ editing: 360view & Haihai
Visual identity: Cosmin Sandu and Radovanovici Delia

Images ©  the artists and via NexT Film Festival.