Preview: ICY & SOT – CUTitALISM @ Reed Projects Gallery

Reed Projects Gallery will host the solo show ‘CUTitALISM’ by Iranian artists and brothers ICY & SOT, opening on the 27th of August, 7 pm, running from August 28th to September 19th, 2015 (Salvågergata 10, 4006 Stavanger, Norway).

The exhibition features new works by the artist duo, from stenciled paintings and collage artworks to photography and sculpture, presenting the impact of money and the economic system on human value and life, the violent and unjust outcome of a society where everything and everyone has a price. Silenced by economic power, led out of their homes or driven into war, this is the image of a society devoured by the currency it worships and by its hypocrite and corrupt political and social leaders.

“ICY & SOT take their knives to cut open the desperation of economic refugees and other discarded peoples, the desolation of lands destroyed by an ever growing war machine, the doublespeak of political/corporate leaders on the take, and the demoralizing forces of systemic economic violence that they see the world over. Using the stark simplicity of masking and stencil cutting, ICY & SOT depict soldiers atop soil draped in currency, clustered homeless people awash in bombed rubble, and a last supper of queens and ayatollahs and heads of state on a dollar bill.” (Text by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo)

The artists will also be present at this year’s Nuart Festival.

ICY & SOT - Contamination


 Currency war

‘Currency war’



Monetary power

‘Monetary power’





Money make the world go round

‘Money make the world go round’

 The last supper

‘The last supper’



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Images courtesy of Reed Projects Gallery

More info about ICY & SOT on their website, on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo.