Otilia Cadar unfolds the human beauty

Combining her influences from surrealism, digital art and photography to explore beauty, innocence and elegance in painting, Romanian artist Otilia Cadar redefines the human figure, with a special interest for the relation between human and animal.

Living in a society often obsessed with ugliness, Otilia offers an alternative of beauty and love, thus expressing her own view of what the world could be.

The Hominid series is inspired from archaeological findings. The artist recomposed the creatures according to the available archaeological data.

Lucania -- Hominide Project - 2013 - oil on canvas - 150x100 cm

Lucania, 2013, 150×100 cm, oil on canvas

Cnidaria - Hominide Project -2013 - 150x100 cm - oil on canvas

Cnidaria, 2013, 150×100 cm, oil on canvas

Hydroxy - - Hominide Project -2013 - oil on canvas - 150x100 cm

Hydroxy, 2013, 150×100 cm, oil on canvas

An extension of her 2009 project in Berlin, Intimate Zoomorphism of Spirit, the Beauties and Birds series connects the gracefulness of bird symbols with feminine beauty: “I am a huge admirer of beauty and I hunt it wherever I am. When I say beauty I mean an attitude, a gesture, an ambience, a certain style, gracefulness… an unavoidable attraction that captures your attention and you can’t get away from it anymore. Second because we are surrounded by too much ugliness, meanness and hate that I wish to tip the balance to the other side. I feel it’s my duty”. Further emphasizing on the chosen symbols: “And because we live in a world where almost everything is genetically modified, mechanized and industrialized, the birds I create carry the marks of this world. They have metallic elements and mechanisms. These elements appear repeatedly in my works, as they are a subject that obsesses me”.

Carla - Beauties and Birds project

Carla, 150×100 cm, acrylic on canvas

Iva - Beauties and Birds project @ Otilia Cadar - 150x100 cm

Iva, 150×100 cm, oil on canvas

Strida - Beauties and Birds project

Strida, 150×100 cm, acrylic on canvas

Yumiko - Beauties and Birds project

Yumiko, 150×100 cm, oil on canvas

Guiana - Beauties and Birds project

Guiana, 150×100 cm, acrylic on canvas

The Diary Windows project is a “reflexive visual journal”: “It’s a way of introspection and discovery rising from the need to uncover the hidden world of my inner self”. In order to represent the feelings that haunt her, Otilia uses colours with a powerful symbolism.

Dreaming - Diary Windows project


Bitter Cherry Flowers - Diary Windows project

Bitter Cherry Flowers

Exposing “the state of physical and mental degradation”, Otilia Cadar unmasks and ridicules the 7 Sins.

Greed and Avarice - 7 Sins project

Greed and Avarice

Lechery - 7 Sins project


Otilia Cadar’s portraits, a homage to beauty:

Ljubena 2013 - oil on canvas - 150x100 cm

Ljubena, 2013, 150×100 cm, oil on canvas

Ermine @ Otilia Cadar - oil on canvas 120x80cm

Ermine, 120x80cm, oil on canvas

All images © Otilia Cadar

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