Martino Prendini – Inner Topography

The pen dotted series ‘Inner Topography’ by Italian illustrator Martino Prendini, part of the creative collective Anatomie der Form, is an attempt to represent the inner world, a map of “weaknesses, fears, desires, addictions, rituals, memories, hopes”. It is a universe of contradictions, of struggles and prisons, but also of relief and liberation, complex and sometimes elusive or even grotesque.

It may highlight the fact that we are the creators of our own absurdities and illusions, that we ourselves generate the blindness and darkness of the mind, while also responsible for the enlightened moments, and suggest that we often confine our true emotions and essence, unable to fully understand and coherently build our identity.

The chaos that governs the inner world is revealed through circus references and distractive elements of contemporary reality. In this vision where equilibrium is yet to be achieved, the characters are presented as toys/ puppets or tiny figures that are unaware of their condition or hopelessly acknowledge their current state.

We are simple hearts

Martino Prendini

‘We are simple hearts’

Words battle

Words battle

‘Words battle’




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Images © Martino Prendini – Anatomie der Form

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