An update with Loreta Isac

We collaborated with Loreta Isac earlier this year, for the INTERSECTION event. Since then, she has been working on several new projects, which you can view below. She is a wonderful storyteller, bringing to life her treasured memories and life moments, imaginary worlds and fantastic characters reminding of the innocence and beauty of childhood, while also revealing complex fears and insecurities, curiosity and desires, seen through a personal filter that adds a touch of magic and unexpected to reality.


Confessing to the old tree

“Once upon a time, my mom made me choose an old tree from the garden and confess my mishaps to it. It was weird, but also the perfect spot to talk about my curiosities and fears.

The tree was so big you couldn’t hug it, it was wide and its crown reigned up, above the sky. It looked like it was going to embrace you any second, you could’ve slept there, in its arms.”

Loreta Isac - Confessing to the old tree (sketchbook)


“I wondered why mom made me do that. I think all the mishaps I did had something to do with the fear of death. I think I overcame this though. In ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami, there’s this ‘shot’ that inspired me, a moment in which death is defeated. A teacher took the kids out, to pick up mushrooms that were edible, but kept on telling them not to put them in their mouths. 3 of the girls ate poisonous mushrooms. They laid on the grass without breathing, stone cold. She wanted to send for help, but meanwhile all the kids ate mushrooms. So many little villains on this planet! I imagine all of them want to defeat death through these childhood rebellions: cracking your head, falling off trees and many others. In the end of the story, all the kids wake up. It wasn’t the mushrooms, it was another eerie affliction.”

LoretaIsac - Confessing to the old tree (work in progress)

Work in progress

LoretaIsac - Confessing to the old tree (final)

Final work


A opta povestire fără titlu

A collection of 19 short illustrated stories, a fusion between Loreta’s colored pencils and Silvia Marinescu’s inquisitive typewriter.

LoretaIsac - A opta povestire fără titlu

“In this universe, you enter as usual grownups and exit as you please. This is a universe inhabited by agoraphobic dragons and anxious tomcats, by inventive thieves and guardians of anthills. Here, you find out why you need to ask questions at all times, and why you need to be vigilant of the magic left in your life. It is a short and simple way to transition from the gray in our offices to the colored compartments of our minds and hearts.”

LoretaIsac - A opta povestire fără titlu

LoretaIsac - A opta povestire fără titlu

LoretaIsac - A opta povestire fără titlu

Photography by Andra Mirea & Tudor Cioroiu

LoretaIsac - A opta povestire fără titlu

LoretaIsac - A opta povestire fără titlu

LoretaIsac - A opta povestire fără titlu

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All images © Loreta Isac

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