Irlo | Interview

Irlo is one of the most active Romanian artists on the local street art scene, with impressive murals all over the country. Here’s an exclusive interview for The re:art.

You had several street art collaborations this summer and have been invited to events such as Episode 3 @ Ciclop Garage (organized by Work in Progress and The re:art), Street Delivery or Train Delivery. Tell us about these latest artistic experiences. 

This year, the landscape really changed. Many organizers, events and summer’s still here. Street Delivery, we all know it, is the grandfather of this kind of events and the nephew, North Train Station, also appeared as an unusual context for street movement, but very nice inserted in public space, even if not as impactful as the one at Verona.

Train Delivery

Train Delivery

Irlo at Train Delivery | © The re:art

I liked the Ciclop event very, very much, as it is a platform specialized in urban interventions. The parking space and its central positioning were very important. I hope we’ll find similar spaces. I met a lot of artist whom I didn’t know and was pleasantly surprised. We’re now on a higher level.


Obie Platon x Irlo x Homeboy at Ciclop | © The re:art

How does your art interact with current society thorough themes, messages etc.?

I’ve been trying for a long time to integrate spirituality in the visual medium. I’m looking for big dimensions and visible positioning, so that the message reaches as many people as possible.

Allan Dalla and Irlo

Obie Platon x Irlo  | © Irlo

Themes vary from digestible topics to those which need further explanations and need to be decoded.

I’m interested in the interpretation of the viewer, the way he sees things without explanations. And I got a lot of different interpretations. I try to avoid criticizing, but I’m not always able to do this, as there are topics that must be approached by force. Especially those related to Roşia Montană.

How many universes coexist in your art? Do they or your characters have a name, their own life and rules?

I believe reality is much closer to fairytale and myth. For me, all my characters exist. We sometimes meet them in places like this. I just show them to others before they meet them face to face.


© Irlo

The eye is a constant motif in your works. What are its meanings?

Perception, consciousness, knowledge, clairvoyance, and all the opposites when the eye is asleep, or simply peace of meditation. Those who use it in the pyramids started from this, they use very complex knowledge, but oriented differently. Now I try to love and forgive them. It’s not easy.


© Irlo

What experience/ person/ moment do you think had the greatest impact on your artistic evolution?

The Burning Man festival was a serious reset for me. I saw things I didn’t know existed. A combination of old and new technologies in a lifestyle that makes art out of the people involved in this movement. I don’t even have the words to describe it. It was so so very very.

If you’d create a work summing all your creations, how would you name it?

Best of greatest shits.

When will your next work appear?

There are many in plan, but not yet confirmed. I’d enjoy a week camp in the forest, at the mountains. We’ll see.


© Irlo

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[Originally posted on August 18, 2013 on The re:art Facebook page; Revised for the current version].