Ioana Ursa – Akedia @ Art Yourself Gallery

In her solo show ‘Akedia’, hosted by Art Yourself Gallery from February 17th to March 5th, 2015 (88 Clucerului Street, Bucharest), Romanian artist Ioana Ursa is inspired by the concept of Acedia to define her position in today’s art world, perceived to be full of self-confident artists with optimistic views of their surrounding reality. Unlike such artists, Ioana Ursa constantly longs for a state of grace and happiness between people, while at the same time being aware that nothing can satisfy the spiritual needs, and it is this tension and particular contrast in feelings and emotions that creates a thought-provoking visual experience.

The exhibition gathers various new works by the artist that are surprising through their powerful expressiveness, sometimes revealing unexpected or contradictory elements. Fear, routine, dissatisfaction, guilt, humility or nostalgia are present in the paintings of Ioana Ursa, through metaphors and details that evoke a permanent inner struggle, an intersection between the past and the future and their interdependence, between the limits of one’s existence and expectations, desires, hopes.

I. Ursa - Ruginiu

I. Ursa - Umilință

Art Yourself Gallery

I. Ursa - Akedia @ Art Yourself Gallery

I. Ursa - Sad whore

I. Ursa - Rutina

I. Ursa - Final Line

I. Ursa - Plimbare de noapte

I. Ursa - Teamă

I. Ursa - Pământul cel umed și rece

I. Ursa -Guilt

I. Ursa - Run from heaven

I. Ursa - Strigătul

Photos: The re:art

I. Ursa - Nostalgia copilăriei, 2015

I. Ursa - Marea Disperare, 2015

Ioana Ursa - Muse

I. Ursa - Neidealizata, 2015

Images: Art Yourself Gallery

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