New works by Guda Koster

Human limits and insecurities, obsessions and fears, vanity and desire are beautifully captured in the humorous and challenging sculpture and photography of Dutch artist Guda Koster.

Using clothing as a statement and confession of her enigmatic figures, stimulating the viewer to look beyond appearance, the artist recreates and reflects psychological, social and behavioral patterns through geometric shapes, textiles, color and repetition.

Trapped in their own decadent boxes, attached to their illusive expectations and waiting for their unfulfilled dreams and promises to set them free, the bearers of multiple possible identities depicted by Guda Koster expose themselves, yet remain unable to recognize their own self beneath the surface, acting as a symbol of today’s paradoxical human condition.

Guda Koster - Box, 2015

‘Box’, 2015

GudaKoster - Standing stripes, 2015

‘Standing stripes’, 2015

GudaKoster - Red carpet, 2015

‘Red carpet’, 2015

GudaKoster - The decadent life, 2015

‘The decadent life’, 2015

GudaKoster - Hexagoon, 2015

‘Hexagoon’, 2015

GudaKoster - Pillow hugging, 2015

‘Pillow hugging’, 2015

GudaKoster - The promised land, 2015

‘The promised land’, 2015

GudaKoster - Trapped, 2015

‘Trapped’, 2015

GudaKoster - Walk, 2014

‘Walk’, 2014

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All images © Guda Koster

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