Cristian Prandea | Interview

This year, we had several talks with artist Cristian Prandea and he shared with us a few insights about his activity. Here they are, in an exclusive interview for The re:art.

You are a constant presence in the field of comics, but you also have street art works and collaborations. Tell us more about your recent artistic path. 

My recent artistic path was disturbed by tumultuous events that I encountered in the past few months. Happily, I’m getting back on track. I like comic books since I was little. The first comic I remember was made in 1998, when I used game and cartoon characters, what inspired me then (Sonic the HedgehogTMNTRayman etc.).

I always tried to find something more than what I had discovered so far. My first happy experience was in 2007, when Lewis Trondheim chose my comic and I won a trip to Paris for 7 days. However, the Romanian system of promoting non-values repeatedly slapped me in the face and gave me the impression that what I do/ did was shit. I finally understand now, and the healing process is still in effect. I discovered street art “more recently”, in high school and there are still new things to discover. I am now trying to materialize something more coherent.

George's Addiction

Flept in a telephone booth

© Cristian Prandea

How did “trippy animals” become an inspiration for your characters?

I wouldn’t say I am inspired by “trippy animals”, but rather by the beauty behind them. My father is a biologist and maybe this also influenced my passion for all that nature stands for. Likewise, when I was little I used to be attracted to animals. I remember how once I found, during a trip to the mountains with my family, a little orange lizard frozen on a rock and I took it with me. It started moving due to the warmth of the pocket of my sweatshirt and I was amazed at how it became alive again because of me. Nature is beautiful, we just have to give ourselves the time to see it.

Mers Marsh

© Cristian Prandea

There are “too many fluorescent colors drifting” in your works. What is the role of color in creating the story behind the characters?

Color sets the tone of the atmosphere. I try using it to describe “the state”, but it depends on the story (in some stories, it has no role, black and white). I was always passionate about colors, but only recently I better defined my tastes, it really is an ongoing process. I will probably have other tastes in a few years.

Mukke Val

© Cristian Prandea

What is the state you want to offer your audience?

Introspection. Extreme happiness. Explosiveness. Chaos. Ordered chaos. But there are many states I wish to communicate. Mainly, powerful ones. At least I try.


© Cristian Prandea

What was this year’s artistic climax for you?

I don’t see any climaxes. I enjoyed Ciclop, there were many people there, though I would have preferred other conditions. The climax is yet to come. Soon.


© The re:art

Top 3 TO DOs in the near future.

Pff, there are 1000 things on my to do list. I am now working on a PC/ iPad game. But I have many ideas and I need to make them happen soon.

More info on his website.

[Originally posted on December 9, 2013 on The re:art Facebook page; Revised for the current version].