Animation Marathon 8

Continuing our Animation Marathon we’ve selected a series of clever and awe-inspiring, eerie and unsettling animated short films and projects.

Animation part of the ‘Dark Day’ series by Jonathan Djob Nkondo:

‘Unsatisfying’ by Parallel Studio, about “the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, that are so painful to live or even to watch.”

‘Blind’ by Yoodowon via Booooooom TV:

‘Body Memory’ by Gyuri Cloe Lee via Booooooom TV:

‘Phonephace’ by Joan Cornellà:

‘Mood Swings’ by Steph Hope via It’s Nice That:

‘Bone Structure’ by Danski Tang:

‘Flaws’ by Josh Shaffner, “hand drawn animation mostly in-camera, made from a series of 18 drawings.”

Elenor Kopka – a short animation to ‘Resurrection Drive Part II’ by Timber Timbre, 2016.

Part of ‘Primitives’ series by Alan Warburton:

“Vicious Cycle features a group of little autonomous robots performing a range of repetitive functions, driven by mechanical devices. But as the mechanisms mercilessly start getting faster and faster, things take a turn for the worse for the helpless robots.”
Animation by Michael Marczewski. Music by Marcus Olsson.

‘And Then’ by Cindy Yang “is a compelling tale about what happens when the everyday routine of the world is suddenly broken by one incident. Set in black and white, Cindy conveys a noisy monotony with workers typing away at their desks in unison, cars continually beeping in eternal traffic jams and rows of ping pong players simultaneously serving to each other.” (It’s Nice That)

“Biotop is a reflection of man acting against nature.”
Idea/Animation/Design: Jola Bańkowska. Music and sounds: Jack Hyde

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Featured image © Jola Bańkowska

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