Ampparito’s thought-provoking murals

In his recent murals, Ampparito gives new meaning and context to common objects, shown broken, damaged or simply consumed, no longer useful to their owners. Moreover, the Spanish artist creates oversized and sometimes improbable objects, annoying or disruptive situations, while also highlighting aspects related to the less conscious human behavior, all with a fine irony that can result in both rejection and appreciation, confusion and reflection.

He expresses his ideas in unexpected locations, usually non-urban landscapes, far from the cities suffocated by advertising and overwhelmed by often futile information. Rising in the middle of the quiet countryside or on a building on the verge of collapse, the impact of his art becomes stronger and the message more powerful and puzzling, playing with the viewer’s sense of surprise and curiosity.

A match burns on its opposite side and the artist warns it could have been worse, a 15 meters chewed up blue pen cap speaks of anxiety, apathy and routine, uncertainty and social pressure, a massive nylon cable tie questions the idea of commitment, and the piece titled I accept the terms and conditions reminds of our readiness to fully agree to any terms and conditions, mesmerized by the appealing bait, without even bothering to think about the consequences before we push the button or leave our signature on the bottom of the page.

Absurd at the first glance yet clever and insightful, Ampparito’s interventions in the public space break the noise and the silence to shed light on a new way of understanding the things we fail to notice even when in front of the most obvious reality.


It could have been worse


I accept the terms and conditions (countryside) – background


About anxiety, uncertainty and teeth grinding – background


About pensions and millennials (Bolaños de campos, Spain) – background


About commitments and cable ties


Broken plastic knife zoom in VS Black and white composition. Photo: Esquie

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Images courtesy of Ampparito.

More info on the artist’s website, on Facebook and Instagram.