Alexandra Maftei | Interview

From paintings and murals to clothing design, Romanian artist Alexandra Maftei always finds a creative way of telling us that we are more than a body.


Purity | © Alexandra Maftei

You’ve studied textile design for 5 years and told us recently that this gave you the freedom to express yourself and play with any kind of material. What combinations of materials do you like most and what was the most interesting result in this regard?

I didn’t like my 3 years of faculty, they tried to tame us really well, so in the following years of master I ran wild artistically speaking. I had to choose between interior design and fashion. I chose to create clothing and combined all possible colors. 3 years later, my experiments are still wearable.

 Clothing design

Clothing design

© Alexandra Maftei

In your works we can see a series of characters, of intense colors and various shapes. What do these characters express, how do you choose the colors and how do they integrate with your artistic themes?

I wouldn’t know where my characters come from, they are not in my mind and not in my subconscious… it all happens very spontaneously when I start drawing some lines. Sometimes, I look over old scribbles and find a shape there, a texture that transforms into another shape, character or animal. This series of works, “Saints and beggars”, which I began a year and a half ago, is just a reminder that we are more than a body. I think we all tend towards purification at some point. And this is why I choose very powerful colors, a lot of gold, copper, silver… and all that glitters! In the past months, the black + pink + gold combination drives me crazy.


Monk | © Alexandra Maftei

We know that Stanley Donwood inspired you. What influences you now?

My master project (a collection of over-sized jackets) was inspired by Stanley. Now I look everywhere. I am fascinated by Bagan, I like Indian culture, Apuseni, Iceland, the people of the sun, Nevada. Manele [music genre] might also inspire me soon.

Love unlimited

Love unlimited | © Alexandra Maftei

Lately, you participated in different group exhibitions. Share some impressions with us.

The last was at the Ciclop Garage (event organized by Work in Progress in partnership with The re:art). The energy that a group of people creates when working in the same space is very beautiful. Last summer’s “Pink Kitty Candy” was also a very good experience in my opinion.

Alexandra Maftei

© The re:art

What new projects are you working on?

Hmmm, some clothing soon.

untitled 2



Girl's night out

© Alexandra Maftei

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[Originally posted on July 11, 2013 on The re:art Facebook page; Revised for the current version].