Alessandro Boezio: Everything can be transformed

With a strong belief that “everything can be transformed, everything can be re-used, everything is re-adaptable”, Italian artist Alessandro Boezio creates a new anatomy based on bizarre multiplications of human limbs and mutations resulting in what often appears to be a hybrid between man and animal, or using clear references to mythology.

The transformation of the human body in his extraordinary sculptures and installations may ironically reflect the deformation of society, turned into a laboratory of failed experiments and grotesque distortions highlighting the contradictions, futility and absurdity of our present reality. There is a very interesting sense of division in the works of Alessandro Boezio, as if although tangled and trapped together, these mutated body parts have a life of their own, opposite to the ones they unavailingly try to escape.

The absence or excess of fragments, the connections and disconnections of recycled human ruins created using various materials, both precious and simple, convey ambiguity, anxiety and discomfort, while managing to offer a rich and thought-provoking visual experience. These malformations may also reflect the possible outcome of technology interfering with the natural – certainly physical and also psychological – evolution of man.

Alessandro Boezio - Chaos, 2015


A. Boezio - Afrodite e Ares

‘Afrodite e Ares’

A. Boezio - Esalfa, 2015


A. Boezio - Decidite 1, 2013

‘Decidite 1’

A. Boezio - Diciottidite, 2013


A. Boezio - Berakah


A. Boezio -Iblis, 2015


A. Boezio - Equilibrio Aureo, 2014

‘Equilibrio Aureo’

A. Boezio - Equilibrio Aureo, 2014

‘Equilibrio Aureo’

A. Boezio - Pleiades, 2014

A. Boezio - Pleiades, 2014


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All images © Alessandro Boezio

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