Twee Muizen – En el norte @ Plastic Murs

Plastic Murs presents the exhibition “En el norte” by Galician artist duo Twee Muizen, running through August 14th, 2015 (Tue-Sat, 12-2 pm/ 6-9 pm, Calle Denia 45, Ruzafa neighborhood, Valencia).

The show, inspired by the mythological heroes and pagan rituals of the northern countries, aims to soften this dark and often frightening imagery with a friendly aesthetic under the statement: “The beasts are no longer foul. There is still hope.” The paintings and art toys part of the exhibition seem created in a childlike spirit yet carrying a profound message through their twist in meaning and representation in a new vision, which can be understood as an outcome of an intended and surprising intersection between myth and contemporaneity.

It is interesting how the heads of both animals and human characters are depicted as trophies, the exchange of identity and power through the symbol of the mask, the connection between man and nature, the hunter and the hunted, as well as the nomadic experiences, a home changing constantly in a journey with no certain destination.

Twee Muizen - En el norte

 En el norte @ Plastic Murs

En el norte @ Plastic Murs

Te doy el norte

En el norte

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Images courtesy of Plastic Murs.

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