Stuart McReath’s conceptual illustrations

Stuart McReath creates thought-provoking conceptual illustrations highlighting unsettling aspects related to contemporary social or political issues and events. Using mixed media and experimenting with a variety of screen printing techniques, the International award winning Illustrator introduces us to a society of injustice and corruption, of continuous conflict and gun crime, linking possible causes and effects in a visually powerful manner.

Giant eyeballs watching the world behind suspended cages showing different perspectives on the idea of freedom, a sanctuary of the self still feeling unsafe as the loose shoelaces may suggest, and soldier figures depicted as match heads, perhaps to mirror how the experience of war can consume those who irreversibly loose themselves on the battlefield, build haunting images of surreal beauty and of great impact since their inspiration often lies in real situations. The excellent level of skill amplifies the sense of nowness like in Match Heads, where the blurry representation anticipates the imminent fire, the lack of lucidity and the inner burning. Together with the artist’s signature color palette, light sometimes plays an important role or is a key detail, as in the case of Gun Crime – the light in the background reminds of the sunset, also corresponding to the end – death.

Working on magazines, books, annual reports or advertising projects for an impressive client list, Stuart McReath brings to life compelling fragments of today, inviting to reflection and debate.

Stuart McReath - Watchers


Stuart McReath - Sanctuary of the self

Sanctuary of the self

Stuart McReath - Gun Crime

Gun Crime

Stuart McReath - Match Heads

Match Heads

Stuart McReath - Cambodian Landmines

Cambodian Landmines

Stuart McReath -Green Power

Green Power

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Images © Stuart McReath

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