Seyo Cizmic reveals the comedy and tragedy of life

Humorous through the absurd representation of mundane objects and everyday situations, yet tragic in the profound meaning they bear, the works of Seyo Cizmic raise essential questions regarding human condition today, commenting on the often nonsensical way we think, feel and act in relation to ourselves and the other.

A skilled and patient observer of reality’s tumultuous spectacle, the artist exposes the irrational defining life, the patterns of human behavior and conflicting beliefs through surreal imagery, unsettling intersections of apparently antithetical ideas and visually powerful concepts meant to take the viewer out of his comfort zone and challenge him to consider new sides of the story beyond the safe and convenient interpretations.

Religion and war are recurrent themes in the art of Seyo Cizmic, usually connected to highlight the cause and effect, as well as the true intentions and rewards behind the official discourses of dishonest empowerment, cherishing violence in the name of greed. Once the false ‘heroes’ are revealed, authority can be disputed and dismissed, as in the case of ‘Everyone Has a Song in Their Hearts’. And perhaps in this lies the greatness of the artist’s endeavor, guiding us to finally hear the inner song, note by note until lucidity overcomes dissonance.

Seyo Cizmic - Love Disarmed - Homage to Rene Magritte, Installation view

‘Love Disarmed’ – Homage to Rene Magritte, installation view

SeyoCizmic - Guilt-free, Birdcage and oil painting in frame

‘Guilt-free’, birdcage and oil painting in frame

SeyoCizmic - Illiteracy, Rose stem, pencil lead and eraser

‘Illiteracy’, rose stem, pencil lead and eraser

SeyoCizmic - Harakiri (Seppuku) - Redesigned hammer and nail

‘Harakiri (Seppuku)’, redesigned hammer and nail

SeyoCizmic - With God on Our Side - Gilded sword with crucifix

‘With God on Our Side’, gilded sword with crucifix

SeyoCizmic - In God, Money, and Guns We Trust - Installation view

‘In God, Money, and Guns We Trust’, installation view

SeyoCizmic - Civil War Gun - Redesigned pistol replica

‘Civil War Gun’, redesigned pistol replica

‘Everyone Has a Song in Their Hearts’, video (2:10)

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All images and video © Seyo Cizmic

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