Inside the world of Paulette Jo

The work of Paulette Jo finds itself at the crossing between intangible innocence and the pressing possibility of a sudden threat, an irreversible fall from the magical and imaginary shelter we construct to feel secure, a collapse that may explain the constant state of anxiety of her characters, which seem to experience an intended solitude, hiding or gradually becoming captive inside their own worlds in the attempt to escape reality, in a continuous and overwhelming search for home and inner peace.

Their startling gaze, often the key element in the artist’s illustrations, either confronting the viewer or avoiding any direct contact, is like a speechless confession, revealed through drawing and painting. There are no words needed to display emotion sincerely. And the tones of grey with golden shades make the works even more powerful and suggestive.

Paulette Jo - Suspended Space

‘Suspended Space’

“Venture, the door is open, immerse yourself  into the entire space, we are like you, without poses or masks grazing the subconscious, as fractals in a dream where we can live our own cosmos, enjoying our duality, caught up in our shelter, in the limbo of fears.

Free us, let us stun with our touch your fears and observe, we have secrets to share, are you ready?

Welcome to Suspended Space” – Bk’ Inmórbido

Void in me

‘Void in me’

Paulette Jo - Unearth

Unearth (process)


“I am a being, a place, a mental state, a larval shelter exhaling, I rocked; I’m beating, emerging, weaving my own space, transforming me.

I wait… I wait that suggestive, confusing, provocative moment, to exploit and invade this vegetal blowing.” – Bk’ Inmórbido

De clamavis

‘De clamavis’

Home series

Part of the ‘Home’ series –  ‘Carcinoma’

Home series

Home series

Part of the ‘Home’ series –  ‘Roots’

A short video that was displayed during her first solo show entitled ‘Espacio Suspendido’.

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Images © Paulette Jo

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