Nuart Festival 2015 | 15th anniversary

Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this year, Nuart Festival 2015 brings to Stavanger, Norway renowned artists from around the world, enriching the city with murals, installations and interventions from the 3rd to the 5th of September. The festival’s indoor exhibition opening Saturday, September 5th, 7 pm, will be hosted by Tou Scene centre for contemporary arts, a former 19th century brewery, and will be on view from September 6th throughout October 11th (Wed – Fri, 12 pm – 5 pm, Sat – Sun, 11 am – 4 pm, entrance fee: 70kr adults/ 40kr concessions).

Nuart Festival 2015


2015 Artists

Bordalo II (PT), Bortusk Leer (UK), Dolk (NO), Dotdotdot (NO), Ella & Pitr (FR), Ernest Zacharevic (LT), Futura (US), Harmen de Hoop (NL), Icy & Sot (IR), Isaac Cordal (ES), Jamie Reid (UK), Martha Cooper (US), Martin Whatson (NO), Outings Project (FR), Pejac (ES), Pixelpancho (IT).


Nuart Plus 2015

Nuart Plus, the festival’s annual symposium of academic and industry debates, artist presentations and film screenings will take place at Scandic Stavanger City hotel from Thursday 3 – Saturday 5 September. Part of Nuart’s constant efforts of encouraging critical discourse around street art in an accessible way, the three day programme is open to everyone, free of charge, and features special guests such as Evan Pricco (Juxtapoz), Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington (Brooklyn Street Art) and critic and author Carlo McCormick.

Nuart Plus 2015

This year, the festival explores the theme of Situationism and Play together with leading practitioners from across the spectrum of street art Jamie Reid, pioneer of the punk visual aesthetic, conceptual artist Harmen de Hoop, photographer Martha Cooper and abstract graffiti pioneer Futura, who will demonstrate how they approach their craft within the subject of play.

Martha Cooper

“The focus of this year’s festival is once again Situationism, which initially inspired punk and more latterly the street art and activist movements we see today. We’re looking to establish where the culture of street art comes from and where it could potentially go: we want to get deeper and attach this culture to a long tradition of unsanctioned creativity on the streets, so that the powers that be don’t brand it as a “fad” as they did with graffiti in the 1980’s. The DIY aspects of Situationism, punk, graffiti and street art are closely aligned with traditions of play, and their connection all the more pertinent this year with the likes of Jamie Reid and Futura confirmed.” (Martyn Reed, Founder and Director)

Nuart’s education programme

The festival’s initiative is the largest street art education programme in the world, reaching out to over 2,600 children to teach them how to make their own artwork using techniques such as stencilling and wheatpasting. Devised in partnership with Den kulturelle skolesekken (a Government funded initiative for art and culture), the programme aims to inspire the next generation of street artists, thus ensuring the culture’s sustainability.

The Aftenblad Wall

In collaboration with the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad, Nuart will launch The Aftenblad Wall: a 6m x 3m billboard erected in the east of the city and a new permanent site for art in Stavanger. Contemporary artists unaccustomed to working in the streets will be invited to adopt the scale and visibility of advertising to present their work in the public domain, with Canada’s Sandra Chevrier as the first participating artist.

Sandra Chevrier Nuart

Nuart is also attempting a world’s first with the French artists Ella & Pitr who, alongside partners Block Berge Bygg, are set to create the world’s largest outdoor mural (21,000 m2) in Klepp on the outskirts of Stavanger.

Ella & Pitr


About Nuart

Nuart Festival is an annual independent international contemporary street and urban art festival established in 2001. Since 2005 the festival has focused exclusively on street art and achieved worldwide status as one of the most important festivals in its field. The Festival is based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway.

Nuart provides an annual platform for national and international artists to challenge entrenched notions of what art is, and more importantly, what it can be: “We aim to provide an internationally relevant, challenging and dynamic environment for artists, academics, students, gallery goers and public alike; an event that aims to reflect the culture as well as participate it helping to define it.”

Nuart consists of a series of citywide exhibitions, events, performances, interventions, debates & workshops exploring current trends and movements in street art practice.

From the first week of September an invited international roster of artists start to leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoor and out, creating one of Europe’s most dynamic and constantly evolving public art events. Invited artists are among the most acclaimed and progressive public art practitioners in the world.

Nuart is a not for profit event run by a small group of idealistic volunteers and bored arts professionals.

Here is a nice recap of Nuart by Hypebeast featuring Founder and Director Martyn Reed speaking about the festival, also interviewed by VNA last year.

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Images courtesy of Nuart Festival (photo credits and info mentioned in each image – click to view).

Find out more about Nuart 2015 on their website, on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Vimeo. Join Facebook event. Full programme and schedule to be announced soon.

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