Thought-provoking light installations by Luzinterruptus

Using simple, cheap and often recycled materials, and especially the visual impact of light to convey powerful messages, the anonymous artistic group Luzinterruptus has carried out spontaneous and creative urban interventions in the public space of Madrid and other cities since 2008. Their work raises awareness and highlights certain problems in the city resulting from the ignorance of citizens or the corruption and irresponsibility of their chosen political leaders.

Inspired by the urban art and culture and envisioning the street as a platform for artistic expression and meaningful interaction with people, Luzinterruptus show a great interest in mainly the Spanish, but also international economic, political and environmental situation, constantly reacting to decisions and actions which they consider limit human rights and freedom of expression. They manage to create a picture of the issues that define our society – the consequences of consumerism, the outcome of our carelessness regarding nature and all that surrounds us, the unjustified easiness we abandon principles and our basic rights, and lack of response when facing decision which may affect us as individuals and collective.

Although their interventions usually last for only a few hours, the artists find interesting that somebody could interpret their works, which they perceive as a “small present” for passerby to enjoy and think about on their way. “But everything that we do does not have a subversive aim. Sometimes we simply want to embellish, or to highlight anonymous places or corners that seem special or objects to which we think extraordinary artistic value, although they have been left on the streets for unknown seasons, with artistic intention, by anonymous people.”


Automated Electoral Colleges (2015)

Automated Electoral Colleges

In response to the political events in Greece, Luzinterruptus turned 7 ATMs in downtown Madrid into referendum ballot boxes which, once a negative vote was deposited, drachmas were fired out: “We wanted to celebrate the chance that ATMs in Greece could have their very own currency flowing out of them, a currency that would lie outside the malign influence of the Eurogroup. (…) Next day, this action stopped making any sense as the Government has finally signed and sadly ratified, in Parliament, an agreement that shall force the Greek people to sacrifice themselves so ATMs, the big protagonists of this story, go back to dispensing euros, no matter how lethal these are…” (read more)

Photos: L. Martínez


The Government don´t give a shit about the Spanish Constitution (2015)

The Government don´t give a shit about the Spanish Constitution

A protest against Spain’s Public Safety Bill known as the ‘gag law’, the installation was placed in two different locations of the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) in Madrid and consisted of lights, toilet seats and pages selected from a copy of the Constitution which displayed articles related to the use of public space, freedom of speech, and the rights of citizens and immigrants. The artists expressed their concerns: “It directly affects us all who work in the street as we do our interventions in public spaces, without permits, expressing political views, and spreading them over the Internet.” (read more)

Photos: L. Martínez


Red crosses on a green graveyard (2015)

Red crosses on a green graveyard

Reacting to the decision of chopping down 1,439 trees all over Madrid and aiming to increase awareness regarding this act, Luzinterruptus used 1,000 red fluorescent sticks to make crosses for their small funeral altars installations all along the Recoletos Axis: “We intervened around 20 cut trees some of which still had part of their trunk; the others had completely disappeared so we just found the fresh soil that disguised the empty space left by their majestic roots.” (read more)

Photos: Pablo Martínez Muñiz


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Photos: Gustavo Sanabria / More info

Photos: Gustavo Sanabria / More info

Photos: Gustavo Sanabria / More info



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Images and videos courtesy of Luzinterruptus.

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