The powerful street art of JADE

From miniature pieces to large murals, the works of Peruvian street artist JADE are striking through the sincere way the artist depicts the realities surrounding him, the problems people face in Peru and the deep connection that they have with their own culture.

The concept of home, being conscious of nature’s importance in one’s life, the responsibility of bringing art to the streets and how street pieces influence and interact with people, teaching the youth about a better way of building the future and enjoying what life offers, as well as revealing the consequences of a destructive system on human relations and culture, all seem to concern the artist.

When in front of his street pieces, you somehow acknowledge the injustices that society is built on, how we distanced ourselves from a more spiritual life, and no longer appreciate the small, yet beautiful things we have the opportunity to experience, no longer feel at home, but rather choose illusions and false dreams as reality. Hopefully, there are artists like JADE who remind us of what we can do.

JADE street art

Reforestar, Equilibrio Festival, Perú, 2014 / According to the artist, the mural was painted on a primary school, in a small town, Isuyama, where people know the importance of nature, however there have been concessions granted by the Peruvian government and large mining companies are destroying the territory of native inhabitants, affecting also the tribes in the jungle of Puerto Maldonado.

MAC Lima

MAC Lima

Ver desde otro punto de vista (View from another point of view), at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Lima, Peru

street art

Entertainment / This boy is waiting for a flower

Miniature street art

Energía (Energy), Chorrillos

Miniature street art

Poda, Barranco

Art Basel Miami

Desprendimiento (Detachment), Art Basel, Wynwood, Miami

best murals

The Home, Latido Latino Festival, Lima, Peru

walls street art

Above the system

mural by JADE

Si, juro! (Yes, I swear!)

All images © JADE

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