Ioana Nicoară | Interview

Young Romanian artist Ioana Nicoară shared with us stories about her drawings and animations, about why and how, all revealed in her first interview, exclusive for The re:art.

Your drawings were our first contact with your works, and we later found out about your passion for film and animation. Why did you choose to follow this artistic path?

Drawing, painting, film, they are just ways of expression. You feel you have something to do, to say, and search for the best way to say it, either through drawing or film. At some point, I couldn’t draw for a long time and I searched for something different, so I chose film and animation. I still don’t know where this is taking me.


Brainfuck, 2014 (Ioana’s most recent work)

There are drawings you choose to represent in black and white, mostly those which approach more complex themes – “Fall”, “Love building”, “Soul mates” – while portraits have their own  color range. How important is color for a certain theme/ topic?

I can only say it’s a matter of state. I sometimes feel the need to lose myself on the way and start drawing hundreds of autistic lines with my liner, or sometimes I want to experience color. The topics I approach are images that haunt me, almost obsess me until I find a way to represent them. And portraits are a form of affection or curiosity, in which I not necessarily look for the model, but what I attach to it.

Love building

Love building

Self snake

Self snake

What were you animation projects so far and what does an animation project involve? Are you working on a new animation right now?

I first came in contact with animation at Animation Worksheep, a very cool workshop by Animest. I tried all sorts of independent projects, more or less brought to an end. I encountered the usual problems – the lack of funds, for example. When you do an animation project you either lock yourself at home and talk to nobody, or you gather capable people around you, so that work becomes a puzzle, and all join forces to finish the project. It’s a long, fun, challenging journey. There’s clearly some madness in this. Animation is the clearest proof that people are insane.

I currently am part of a team of great animators at Abis Studio, which now contributes to a feature animation.


Do you prefer spontaneity in art or do your works involve research?

That depends on lots of things. You sometimes just want to make a drawing, for example, and then you draw, at that moment, and you get your result. But sometimes you have a thought, you see something, somewhere, not very clearly. So then you start searching, see where it takes you. Or sometimes you want to see how something around you behaves – a man in a certain situation, and want to know more about a topic. And then you read, research, talk and walk a lot until your first line or word pops up. Nothing is set in stone.



You’ve recently started collaborating with Cooperativa de Artă. Tell us more about your involvement in the project.

Cooperativa is a project dear to me, with many loved ones involved in it. I think at the beginning I perceived it as a more organized formula of “let’s do something”. Cezar, the bo$$, came up with the idea, we said yes and he seems to know what he’s doing ;). Moreover, there are causes we help and which I already support! Anyway, I can clearly say that the project made me showcase my works. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have shown anything for a long time.

You when we fight

You when we fight

Plans for 2014?

Nothing special, just do whatever I want and can. 

All images © Ioana Nicoară

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