The complex drawings of Anton Vill

Estonian visual artist Anton Vill creates highly detailed drawings using ink, pencil or ballpoint pen. In his intricate grotesque works we discover the anatomy of the mind, haunting experiences and curious emotions. The characters are sectioned, decomposed or distorted, always seeming helpless in their bizarre condition, with their hypnotic and empty gaze, hardly aware of their state.

Inside the heads and bodies of Anton Vill’s characters, tangled in their hair or surrounding them, there are tiny child-like people and floating nude women, that may be a visual representation of their own fears, troubles, obsessions. This world is somehow defined by the chaos of a dream that one can free himself from only when overcoming the thoughts and feelings that keep him captive in his illusive inner dimension.

Anton Vill


I am glad

‘I am glad’



River number 2

‘River number 2’





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All images © Anton Vill

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